Kent Weakley Photography Gallery Photography by Kent Weakley

The Art of Infrared Photography

Infrared photography is a process that allows the camera to see infrared light, which we can’t see. Infrared light is all around us, especially reflected off living foliage (leaves, grass, etc.) in direct sunlight. An infrared filter is used to sort the infrared light and the visible (regular) light. In my photography I utilizes the high-end of the reflected light infrared spectrum. Video infrared, made famous in police night chases, “sees” the lower end of the radiant infrared spectrum (or heat signature), thus “seeing” in the dark.
Color Photography is great, but sometimes the image feels like it can be more. Black & White Photography too is great, but sometimes the image looks flat and dull. Infrared Photography sets the image apart. The push in contrast created by the glowing leaves and grass makes the image match my creative goal.
Making It All Come Together
The images I create are made of several individual captures. Moving from left to right I photograph a scene with overlapping imagery. After the shoot, I digitally “stitch” the images together to create the final panoramic. This process builds resolution and makes the detail and clarity of the final image that much more powerful.
This image shows how a scene is photographed in sections 
And here is the final image after it has been assembled